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Ebook - How to Become a Conscious Drama Queen / King in the Story of your Life

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PURE NATURE DANCE - weekly in Delft and Rotterdam

I invite you on this journey through body, mind and soul, and the cosmic boat of imagination.
From 11th September every FRIDAY, we will discover our NATURE DANCE in Tanthof (Moeder Aarde). From October, we will stay In Nature every FIRST FRIDAY in the month.

From October, every SECOND and FOURTH FRIDAY evening in the month we will explore our free Form PURE DANCE in Lijm en Cultuur Delft. Starting 29th September, I will give also regular Pure Dance evening in DJOJ Rotterdam. Every Tuesday evening. For more info, click here.

From 27th of September, we are back with ECSTATIC DANCE in Lijm en Culture. Every second Sunday morning. For more info click here to Ecstatic Dance Delft website.
If you want to join or want to have more information, please write us  an email to eva@evaberger.eu or phone 0623883406 to Eva
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Magical Dragon - Performance

MAGICAL DRAGON PREMIERE, 13th September, 15:00 at Dunes of Kuijduin. Theatre in Nature | Fire Energy in Dunes | Dance and Ritual |
Proudly, we would like to invite you to a MAGICAL DRAGON Performance, which we are creating with our friends, conscious dancers and brave people.

Directing and Concept:  Eva Bergerová  and Saryo van Lakerveld 

Acting: Diana de Rooij, Marjolein Hageman, Fiona Buurkes, Genevieve Kooijman.

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Call for Dancers and Performers

Residency Dance/Movement Theater in CLOUD/Danslab Den Haag

Call for performers, dancers and actors
This is a call to professional/student dancers, performers or actors, who are open to an experiment and are capable of conscious alteration of emotion and most importantly who are willing to venture on the journey into their own body and mind. An important part is also the ability to improvise.
For more info, click here. If you are interested, write to me at eberger@seznam.cz
"For me, the most important in art is the personal message and expression, authenticity and the willingness to dig deeper in yourself and bring that out."
What is PURE DANCE? 
Freeform dance. On these evenings you can dive into an ecstatic field of dance, meditation and meditation in the movement. The dance is our medicine. 
Everybody is welcome.
Every session we are exploring some topic. We are connecting with our bodies, I gently guide you through the music. I choose my music at the moment and follow the energy of the group.  My goal is to experience the deepness of our heart & soul and become more conscious and compassionate human beings.

The classes are at Lijm en Cultuur, Rotterdamseweg 272, Delft and Moeder Aarde at Tanthof Delft. Free parking. 

Vaše osobní údaje budou použity pouze pro účely vyřešení vašeho dotazu. Zásady zpracování osobních údajů

Wushu - Chinese Martial arts - CLASSES

The "Soaring Eagle" school.  I invite you to my weekly classes in Rotterdam. We are training in Melanchthon park every Wednesday 10:00 - 11:30. You are welcome to try out.

What you learn

  1. Basic techniques which you find in most styles
  2. The Soaring Eagle School - individual forms and working with a partner. Learning the eight trigrams principles
  3. Weapons training
  4. Qi-gong
  5. Self Defence
  6. Personal training program is an option
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