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of conscious Theater, Dance and Martial Arts

Ebook - How to Become a Conscious Drama Queen / King in the Story of your Life

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Advices for your conscious life by using theatrical techniques  + Adventure manual of practical exercises

PURE DANCE - weekly in Delft | Den Haag | Rotterdam

Formless form of dance. On these evenings you can dive into an ecstatic field of dance, meditation and meditation in the movement. What is PURE DANCE? It is a journey to the centre of yourself - from any space, situation, emotion or story you are in. Whether you are stuck in your emotion or full with your story, the dance is your medicine. 
Everybody is welcome.

Every session we work with a different topic, we explore our dance vocabulary and I will guide, seduce and support you through this dance. 
It brings you deeper in the present moment and your own truth. It connects, body, heart and soul and takes us out of our thoughts. In the present moment, we are more conscious of our body and more free. 

The classes are at Lijm en Cultuur, Rotterdamseweg 272, Delft. Free parking. 
The same building where Ecstatic Dance takes place on the every 4th Friday of the month.

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Vaše osobní údaje budou použity pouze pro účely vyřešení vašeho dotazu. Zásady zpracování osobních údajů

Wushu - Chinese Martial arts - CLASSES

The "Soaring Eagle" school.  I invite you to my weekly classes in Rotterdam and Den Haag

What you learn

  1. Basic techniques which you find in most styles
  2. The Soaring Eagle School - individual forms and working with a partner. Learning the eight trigrams principles
  3. Weapons training
  4. Qi-gong
  5. Self Defence
  6. Personal training program is an option
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Magical Dragon -Ritual Dance Theater Creation

We are inviting you to create with us a Performance - MAGICAL DRAGON.
We will give you tools for liberating yourselves through the art of dance and theater. The journey will sustain from 2 parts: < Freeing your creativity + < Self-development 

It is the fifth edition of this very special project.

We are looking for Conscious dancers who like to create a performance.

In 7 sessions, we work towards a performance (which will happen on the 8th session). We will spend the time on Monday evenings and one Saturday together. From nothing, we step into a creative process. We provide a structure of the performance and within the structure, you will learn, how to improvise. So we look for brave and courageous dancers or/and theatre lovers, who want to find and show their talent under the guidance of Eva Bergerová (Ritual Theater Director) and Saryo van Lakerveld (Conscious Dance and Living Teacher)

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