Call for Dancers and Performers

Call for performers, dancers and actors

This is a call to professional/student dancers, performers or actors, who are open to an experiment and are capable of conscious alteration of emotion and most importantly who are willing to venture on the journey into their own body and mind. An important part is also the ability to improvise.

"For me, the most important in art is the personal message and expression, authenticity and the willingness to dig deeper in yourself and bring that out."

There is a theater method called ´STEP OUT OF THE STORY´ and I am very much looking forward to developing this method with other inspiring artists together.

About ´Step out of the Story´ method: Our resources are:

< Theater/drama techniques (Grotowski, Stanislavski),

< Conscious Dance techniques like 5Rhythms (search for an authentic emotion),

< Open Floor (building dramatic situation),

< Movement Medicine (work with the energetical field of the partner and audience)

< Chinese Martial Arts (wushu - physical exercises).

< Rituals, searching for the roots of the theater.

< Personal dance or acting technique of every artist (contemporary dance, ballet, drama actor, performer)

We mix the unique techniques of performers into the blend of the story of performance. We will train you in some techniques according to the method ´Step out of the Story´, but your own professionality will be the basis for your expression. S.O.S. is developing individual creativity and personal technique. We follow your qualities.
We work with personal engagement as well as the personal development of the performer/dancer/actor. In the performance, I direct, I do not choreograph. After we created the performance story, a part of the scenes are always improvised, but the structure of the performance story is fixed.
More about S.O.S.: https://evabergerova.eu/who-am-i/step-out-of-the-story/