Ecstatic Dance Delft

"If you have a body, you are a dancer."   Gabrielle Roth

Ecstatic Dance is

what you make of it...

a freeform movement space where:
dance expands, spirit activates, boundaries melt,
boredom ceases, creativity breaks out, hope happens,
beauty flows, communities collaborate,
ritual is reinvented, harmony resonates,
The beat deepens, as an electronic tapestry
of world rhythms, weave us together
as individuals within a greater family.

Once upon a time, in Delft, we started to create a Consciousness Dance community in Delft.  We have session 2x per month - every second Sunday morning and every fourth Friday evening in Lijm en Culture in Delft.

I Dj and also guide people through an Opening Ceremonies.

More info and dates: www.ecstaticdancedelft.eu

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