Improvisation Performance

(infusion of art to your veins)
TOWARDS and AWAY - Topic for the evening

XS Slavenya Milena, Eva Berger and Sahil Bahl, Dymphi Peeters, Ignas te Viel and Maya Ichikawa meet to share an evening of beautiful music and great dance in the space of a warm and embracing home. 

We found that we are longing to meet vivid people and share with them, with you, our talents, our stories and to experience your reactions. 
So, we invented these improvisation evenings. Every evening has its own Topic and brand new origin story. We are inspired by the Present Moment, telling the stories based on the Topic. The dancer is inspiring the musicians and vice versa. We don´t know where we go. We tell the stories by Music, body, requisits, using the public to be part of performance. 

"TOWARDS and AWAY, this will be topic for next performance.
Shall I stay or shall I go? Do I want to go towards you or away from you? Which direction? Unite with you or run away from you? Maybe I want to run away from Me? Meet you, split with you. 
"Hi, nice to meet Me. I´m I. How are you, my dear I?""