Creating the Performance Cosmic Lighthouse

We are inviting you to create with us. We will teach you how to create a Ritual Dance Performance. We will give you the tools to liberate yourself through the art of dance and voice.

It is the fourth edition of this very special project with live music.

We are looking for Conscious dancers who like to create a performance.

In 6 sessions we work towards a performance (which will happen on the 7th session). We will spend the time of one weekend and 2 evenings together. From nothing, we step into a creative process. We provide a structure of the performance and within the structure, you will learn, how to improvise. So we look for brave and courageous dancers who want to find and show their talent under the guidance of Eva Bergerová (Ritual Theater Director) and Dymphi Peeters (Live Medicine Music & Voice Healing work).

If you recognize yourself in this description, then maybe this is a project for you.
Do You:
- love to dance, move and express it to the world,
- want to explore your creativity, your body and your inner world,
- want to explore the ritual roots of the theater,
- go for the adventure,
- are looking for deep connections with other human beings.

Cosmic Lighthouse is the title of the performance. This is the only thing we know and the rest we create together. We offer you techniques from conscious dance and theatre based on the Ritual Theater concept "Step out of the Story", so that you have tools for our creation and for improvisation of the performance. We will learn you how to create a situation from standing in the present moment and how to develop it. Voice expression will be also used as a technique to open up the body and to be in the present moment.

We create a sacred circle, a safe space to explore our inner space and present it outward. We will challenge you. Why? To:
- connect to the deep ancient ritual archetype world 
- heal and release yourselves
- open the creative stream and find an artist in you
- belong to the group
- extend your borders
- have a lot of fun

For the sake of the group and the performance, you need to be available on all dates.
Previous experience is needed!

The Price: 255€, Participants from other Performances - 220€

Contact Eva for a personal meeting before the project starts: 0623883406, eva@evaberger.eu

There are neutron stars called Pulsars, somewhere in the Universe. Pulsars are spinning in short, regular rotational periods. So from the far distance, they look like Cosmic Lighthouses.

With this performance, we would like to bring Light and Hope to our lives and all our planet Earth.

We will work with the characteristics as:
Sharp expended consciousness