Performance   -     Magical Dragon

Proudly, we would like to invite you to Fire Magical Dragon Performance! We will share with you our journey of expression and creativity. In the place which can by itself open heart to the beauty.

Dragon in our performance symbolises the Magic, you can do with your own Life. searching for Power, Divine Nobility and Fire.

Do you remember? When you were a child... Do you remember what brought Magic into your Life? Do you remember this playful and powerful energy you had, which could create new worlds and goes far behind the visible cosmos? Do you remember these days, when your breath could put on fire the entire planet?

We created a journey to unchain our Magical Dragon energy. We will take you on the ride with us.

The performance will happen at the Duins of Kijkduin. We will respect the safe space between us.

Performing: Fiona Buurkes, Marjolein Hageman, Diana De Rooij, Genevieve Kooijman and Eva Bergerová.

Directing: Eva Bergerová, Saryo van Lakerveld

After the performance, you are invited to dance at the after-party/celebration

13th September 2020 - Sunday afternoon - 15:00

We will meet at the - Snackkiosk "Het Duin" at 14:45 - and walk together to the Duins. It is 5 minutes from there. Wear comfortable (warm) clothes and easy shoes.

Performance: 15:00 - 16:00h / Meeting at Snacckiosk at 14:45.
Afterparty/ celebration:... Take your drink

€10 via Chipta - https://www.chipta.com/nl/tickets/event/30455/magical-dragon-live-performance/event-info/
Or Cash at the place.


Pictures by Meike Janssen