Who am I? 

      Who am I? The most important question. I don´t  know the answer, but I can share some images with you. Through the theater, Dance, Martial arts and rituals, through creation. I want to invite you for a journey with me. Experience deepness of your being during performance or workshop. 

Story of my life

       I am Czech with Polish roots. Was born in the most industrial city called Ostrava to the family of painters and writers. Grow up in the theater. Theater in Czech has a big tradition and in Ostrava are very proud theaters. 

Was born in 1976 in Ostrava in the Czech Republic. I am both origin nation Czech and Polish.

      I studied  Polish language and culture at Ostrava University, Theatrology at the Charles University in Prague and theatre directing at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw.

       I started my professional career at The Roofless Theatre in Ostrava where I directed The Merry Wives of Windsor and variations on commedia dell’arte, Harlequin’s Pranks. I was the dramaturge of the production of The Bridge over Lucyna by Renata Putzlacher based on the prose work of my father, the Silesian writer Wieslaw Adam Berger. I have been working in Prague since 2002, staging plays such as Jean-Claude Carrière’s L´aide-mémoire at the Na Zábradlí Theatre and my own dramatization of the Gothic novel The Golem by Gustav Meyrink at NoD Roxy theatre space. I also produced a stage montage of Spanish and Polish poetry under the title Juan Ramón Jiménez – a taciturn poet from Andalusia. The National Theatre showed her production of the original contemporary music work The Gray Mouse Opera by Petr Komár Soudek as a part of the cycle Banging at the Iron Curtain. 

       In 2003 I founded a civic association Divadlo Company. CZ. A year later, the company took over the venue of Strašnické Theatre and led it in a completely new direction. I was both managing and artistic director of the venue and the company since 2005.

      I produced and directed plays, including The White Crow by Eduardo Rovner, A Cosmic Breakfast by David Drábek, a stage version of Mozart’s Requiem, Popcorn by Ben Elton, a dramatizations of a novels The Bee Valley and Sand Scythe by Vladimír Körner, an original text she co-wrote The Request Stop, and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I work regularly with international artists from Argentina, Russia, Hungary, and with Slovak and Polish theatres. I am a member of the Soaring Eagle School in Voronezh in Russia, international Tribe of 5rythms dancers and Open floor international movement practice.

      Together with my Company, I made a bid for running one of the most prestigious venues in Prague – Theatre Komedie and was awarded the venue in winter 2011. The company already started working there from August 2012 with a program concentrating on Slavonic dramaturgy, especially on Polish plays, writers and directors.

      I also translate both plays and poetry from the Polish language into Czech, lasts translation are Our class from Tadeusz Słobodzianek, Pornography from Witold Gombrowicz or Screenplay for three incredible but existing actors from Bogusław Schaeffer, all already performed in Theatre Komedie.

      My last Czech project is Studio - Nonconfortable zone. The goal of this experiment is to find and embody the roots of ritual for the theatre. It is bringing a synthesis between body, emotions and mental models of the creators in numbers of techniques rooted in modern psychology or ancient traditions. The performance title is Step out of the Story. In summer 2014 I moved to live in Holland with my family. Eva is working here as a freelance director and dancer. I made performances for example on Delftse Maakweken – Calling of elements, Mooie Weer Spelen, Home Impro Performances, teaching Martial arts and giving Theater and dance workshops.  My last performance is Warrior of the Dance.

Who am I? 

When I was 37 I became a professional Dancer and Choreographer.

Until this time, in the romantic city of Prague, I was leading a Drama theater company, where I used to direct performances, guide dramaturgy and keep the company going, growing and expanding. There was a time, we had two theater houses and around 50 people working there. Our performances were seen by around 200 000 people.

- I practice Chinese Martial arts for more than 20 years now and teach it for 5 years.

- I directed more than 20 performances. One of them went on for 12 years.

- I am a Dj and a Ceremony leader

- I love to perform Dance and I love to improvise on the stage and in life.

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Eva - Director

Eva - Dancer

Eva - Martial Artist

Eva - DJ and Ceremony Leader