Step in and out of the Story

The conclusion of Pure Dance workshop, where we used the Method "Step out of the Story". 

Every day we are part of a lot of stories. Stories are created from situations. Situations from actions and reactions. And these are made from  (body) instinct, body reaction (these have to be trained), thoughts and emotions. 

All our stories are stored in our bodies. So - dance - is a great tool to work with them. 

I want to invite you to look at this, what is happening with us during the day. On the body, mind, emotional and energetical level. We are attached to the stories, which are happening to us. We are connected with the thoughts,  emotions and interpretations, which we are giving to these situations.     -  Are they real or not? - That is not a topic for today - The topic is about, how to see, what is going on without being dragged into the drama.

Step in and step out of the story


We are using theatre techniques to explore it.  Imagine this symbolic mosaic:

  • Life is a theatre performance
  • Your body, thoughts and emotions are actors.
  • Your consciousness is a director

By being aware of the situation, the story, which is happening to us, we are simply making an (inner) space between the situation and us (consciousness).

The situation or the story has never emotional or interpretative content in it - by itself. We are giving interpretations, reaction, thoughts to it. And these thought and interpretations are creating emotions and all this goulash is creating our reality.  Our own reality we live in.   Mostly, these reactions are based on past experiences and we are not even aware, why we are reacting like this...    So, by simple practice being aware that something is happening - something is going on, we are setting up space of free choice! And that is, by my understanding a Free Will.  We choose, we react and how - or not. 

By Dancing through our stories we are practising this conscious Stepping In and Out Of the Story and creating from our lives the Cosmic Theater performance or just a playful Game, where we are riding on the stream of CREATIVITY.