Martial Arts classes

The "Soaring Eagle" school.  I invite you to my weekly classes in Rotterdam and Den Haag

What you learn

  1. Basic techniques which you find in most styles
  2. The Soaring Eagle School - individual forms and working with a partner. Learning the eight trigrams principles
  3. Weapons training
  4. Qi-gong
  5. Self Defence
  6. Personal training program is an option
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Warrior of the Dance and Singing

By EVA BERGEROVÁ (dance + theater) and DYMPHI PEETERS (voice + kora)

A series of open evening workshops. Every workshop consists of a performance by Eva and Dymphi, a dance workshop (+ Martial arts) part and a voice improvisation workshop part. 

Goal of the workshops: The opening of the creative energy in everybody.

Do you want to EXPRESS YOURSELF? Feel to DANCE use your VOICE and CREATE? Then THIS IS FOR YOU.

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