Why Practice Martial Arts? 


"Art is the funnel through which spirit is poured into life."   Joseph Campbell
Art and spirituality are connected like Mother and Father, like day and night. Spirit is what we are - and art is the way, how to express it. 
We can create art through dancing, making performances, cooking or even cleaning. We can express ourselves as an artist in many ways. And the most important - most significant is - the Art of Life. Today, from all these particular possibilities, I would like to talk about one way of art. - The path of Martial arts.
As you probably know, this is not just poor fighting or aggression/beating each other. It is the art of self-control. The gate to mindfulness. Standing opposite your partner, prepared to fight, everything in you arise, all cells in the body wake up and your mind is getting still. That is the moment when kundalini can awake and a miracle can happen.
And there is more.
- Learn how to trust your body more, experience these amazing powers which are hiding inside you. 
- Practise Wushu - you will face and meet your own behaviour patterns. As a warrior, you need to be totally present at the moment, right now. And whatever from your behaviour is immediately visible. 
- Martial arts are also about balance. Find the right moment to be strong/soft, attack/defence, act/let go.
- M.A. teaches us how to use outside energy for our own profit. If somebody attacks don´t have to react the same way. (You can just use his/her own energy for you and let him/her go).
So, this and more you can explore at my weekly classes.
You can just try out. No commitment before the trust.