In these times we are DANCING alive in the Nature of Tanthof Moeder Aarde, Beach in Kijkduin. Almost every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. We are having special events like SOLSTICE DANCE and GREAT MYSTERIES. If you want to join, or want to have more information, please write us  an email to eva@evaberger.eu or phone 0031 0 623883406 to Eva
We have also ONLINE PURE DANCE every Thursday evening with Saryo.  Here is the link for the event.
Open mind
Pure heart
Free body

PURE DANCE are guided evenings and ECSTATIC DANCE is a non-guided evening.
What you discover at PURE DANCE, you can explore during ECSTATIC DANCE.

Questions? ReservationsCall or WhatsApp: 062388340 or write eva@evaberger.eu

Saryo´s website - www.terranova-dans.nl

More about PURE DANCE:                                                                Dance whatever is there. Dance does not have to be nice. No judgement. The only expression of what is.

Dance is a medicine, what we give to ourselves by ourselves.
So let me be your guide, so that you can become your own Guru!
And lets our journey to the light begin now and here.
Breathe in and out and move.
I invite you on this journey through body, mind and soul, through emotions and
the cosmic boat of imagination. I choose my music at the moment and follow the
energy and the invitation is to explore different life topics. 
My goal is to experience the deepness of our heart & soul and become
more conscious and compassionate human beings.
My music is not one style, not one rhythm. Like in life, we
move through lots of stories, cycles and waves and during our dance as well.
For this, we need a lot of diversity in music.
Vaše osobní údaje budou použity pouze pro účely vyřešení vašeho dotazu. Zásady zpracování osobních údajů

TESTIMONIAL: I’ve been to the workshops of Warrior of the Dance and Singing a couple of times now. Hostesses Eva and Dymphi are both inspiring women, lovingly guiding you through their unique workshops. With a combination of dance (conscious movement), martial arts, voice improvisation, voice healing, and ritual theater (performance), they tenderly challenge you to sincerely express yourself and show your truest you. For me, this has proved to work most liberating. I would definitely recommend Warrior of the Dance and Singing to anyone looking for something different, something challenging and refreshing. To learn to connect deeper with who you truly are, and to not be afraid to show it! If you feel both fear and longing, like I did every time I went, I’d say: just go! Embrace your fear. Hold it tenderly. Sing it. Shout it. Dance it. Dymphi and Eva will encourage you to work with that fear. These days, people are not used to truly express themselves. Probably humanity never has, actually… However, true expression is the most powerful way of connecting! And now is the time for us to learn this. Now is the time for your true voice to be heard. Now is the time to heal. Since years my motto has been: “go to the places that scare you”. In my case, for instance, apparently, dancing and singing in front of others… Vulnerably showing who I am, with all of my fears and my desires, with all of my sadness and my joy. Go to the places that scare you, for there is most liberation to be found in expressing the unexpressed that WANTS to be expressed. Even when it scares you. Especially when it scares you. The first time I went to a workshop by Warrior of the Dance and Singing was actually a coincidence, or, as I like to say these days: divine intervention. I felt pretty damn scared going in, but I did anyways and came out ecstatic… only to crash deep and hard the next day… I was in quite a stressful period in my life, feeling this deep knowing that I wasn’t on the right track, that something HAD to change… This deep knowing I had been repressing for quite some time, just barely but I managed, until Warrior of the Dance and Singing shook me awake. There was no other way around it, I had to make decisions. So I did. I’m so glad I finally did…! Next couple of times going to Warrior of the Dance and Singing I still felt fear, but whilst my life was rapidly improving (it’s so amazing to be on a path that suits you!!) I also noticed my voice singing louder and my performance more present. In daily life I notice I carry my body more easily, more and more embracing my birthright to exist. I thank Warrior of the Dance and Singing for having contributed to these changes. Namasté.

Fieneke Rozema

How to become a Conscious Drama Queen / King in the Story of your Life

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Warrior of the Dance and Singing

Dance, Martial arts & Theater: EVA BERGEROVÁ
Voice & Kora, Live music: DYMPHI PEETERS
Evening and whole day workshops in Djoj Rotterdam and Cloud At Dancelab in Den Haag.
Goal of the workshops: The opening of the creative energy in everybody by a combination of Dance, (Martial Arts), Voice Improvisation and Theater.
Do you want to express yourself? Feel to dance, use your voice and create? Do you want to live creative and free life? Then come and taste it.
You will experience a short performance and after, you are going to dive into the experience of expressing the creativity in your own dance and voice.
You will get a new concept of Ritual theater (Creation and Expression, Dance and Singing) called “Step out of the Story”. We use conscious Theatrical, Dance, Singing and Martial Arts techniques and Improvisation.
Who is a Warrior? It’s the part inside us, which is always in the present moment. Everybody has a Warrior inside! Through the Warrior we are learning to be conscious, we express the energy of life, of freedom, courage and authenticity.
Language: English but can be translated into Dutch
Dates for evening workshops: 2018: 26.5., 30.6., 22.9., 27.10., 24.11., 15.12.
Time: 19:30-22:00h (doors open 19:15h)
Price: 17,- per evening
Adress: Djoj Rotterdam - Antony Duyklaan 5, 3051, Rotterdam
Reservations: eva@evaberger.eu / phone 0623883406
                           or at Centrum  Djoj www.djoj.nl
Date for whole day workshop: 2018: 17.6.
Time: 10:30 - 17:00
Price for a day: (including lunch): 85,-
Address: Djoj Rotterdam - Antony Duyklaan 5, 3051, Rotterdam
Reservation: dymphi.peeters@gmail.com, or if you have any questions: 0644676082
Open Dagen/Open Days in Djoj. We will give short, free and open workshops, that you can taste if it is something for you. 
Dates: 25. and 26. August
Time:  Will be announced
Address: Djoj Rotterdam - Antony Duyklaan 5, 3051, Rotterdam
Price: For free

This workshop concept is inspired by a ritual dance theater performance called “Warrior of the Dance." 

About the original performance: "ONE DANCER, TWO MUSICIANS, live music and interaction. It's a story about becoming alive and transforming your emotions into something beautiful by using your creative source. In this Warrior performance, Eva Berger combines 5rhytms dance with martial arts. We go through the fear, anger, to the sadness and end in joy and compassion. Dymphi and Ignas accompany her with live music" 

Watch also our facebook page Warrior of the Dance and Singing

More info about Dymphi: www.dymphipeeters.nl

Vaše osobní údaje budou použity pouze pro účely vyřešení vašeho dotazu. Zásady zpracování osobních údajů